Golden Nest Swallow Nest Soup 8 Pack 2.5 Ounces EA

At price $36.99 from Costco, it’s hard to beat for the money as swallow nests, the Chinese name for edible bird’s nests are particularly prized in Chinese culture due to their rarity, and supposedly high nutritional value and exquisite flavor. Edible bird’s nests are among the most expensive animal products consumed by humans. Golden Nest Swallow Nest […]

Organic Long Kaw Bean-Vermicelli Noodles 29.6 Ounces

Having a hot pot with your family and friends to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year? Don’t forget to add these healthy and tasty Organic Long Kaw Bean-Vermicelli Noodles to your dishes! The noodles are packed in a large bag with 2-Pack, total net weight of 29.6 ounce bean-vermicelli noodles. Costco has it selling at $9.99. It’s USDA certified organic product, […]

Phalaenopsis Double Spike Orchid

Here is another great gift idea for 2016 Chinese New Year: Phalaenopsis Double Spike Orchid. Costco sells this flower at $14.99. Phalaenopsis Double Spike Orchid usually will bloom for about 3 months with very little care. Place it indoor under filtered sun or bright indirect light. Water it with couple Ounces of water every few other days. […]