Good Plenty Braised Abalone 5/6.35 OZ ( 1.98 LBS)

The Abalone Series of Good Plenty are select from no pollution sea water of the Atlantic, or Japanese breed abalone, or Taiwan abalone, caught in wild deep sea water. The Braised Abalone in brown sauce is ready to eat, the Abalone taste so delicious, full of natural aroma, the texture smooth and tender, conveniently to […]

Floating Leaf Wild Rice Blend 3.3 Pound Bag

Wild Rice Blend is an aromatic blend of wild rice, Kow mun red rice, chusei Calrose, long grain brown and Riceberry rice. It offers a variety of different textures which are sure to please the palate. Replace plain rice with this blend to make it healthier AND more delicious. It cooks in 25 minutes and […]

Khazana Organic Toor DAL 7 Pound Bag

Split Pigeon Peas, Also known as “toor dal”, are one of the most popular pulses in India. It is a very nutritious food. An excellent source of protein and fiber, 21g proteins and 9g fiber per serving. They also provide iron, Vitamin A and B-6, calcium, magnesium, potassium and more minerals. These organic split pigeon […]

Kirkland Signature Extra Lean Sliced HAM 2/1.5 Pound Packages

Kirkland Signature Extra Lean uncured Ham is 98% fat free with natural juices. It contains up to 18% of a solution. Not preserved, No nitrites or nitrates added. The sliced ham provides you with an entree that is both simple to prepare and convenient to serve. This item includes two packages of ham with 1.50 pound […]

Golden Farms Spaghetti Hearts of Palm 3/28.2 Ounce Cans

Hearts of Palm Spaghetti by Golden Farms cuts are a low carb, low calorie, grain free alternative to pasta. Grown in Costa Rica, this Spaghetti is 100% natural. About the Spaghetti: 100% Plant based pasta alternative Gluten free KETO 18 Calories Nutrition facts: Per serving size 1/3 (75g) contains 18 calories, 0 total fat, 3g […]

Bavarian Meats LIL  Landjaeger Sticks

Bavarian Meats LIL  Landjaeger Sticks is perfect for hiking, biking, cutting into bite-size pieces for appetizers, easy protein for kids’ lunches, or throwing in the car on road trips. Shelf stable so you can take it anywhere a granola bar would go! Features: Naturally Hardwood Smoked Gluten Free Zero Sugars 9g Protein Per Serving Ingredients: […]

Bibigo Cooked Sticky White Rice 12/7.4 Ounce Bowls

Updated on 11/15/2023. Costco offers $3 off on this item; price is valid from November 20 – December 24, 2023. Providing consumers with simple, convenient meal solutions that help take the mystery out of Asian cooking and inspire consumers to become confident in the kitchen. With Bibigo Cooked Sticky White Rice, only takes 90 seconds in microwave […]

Snapdragon MISO Ramen 8/2.2 Ounce Cups

Updated on 11/12/2023. Costco offers $2.70 off on this item, price is valid 11/11/2023 – 11/19/2023 Costco cuts $2.60 on this item, dropping the price to $7.39,  price is valid from April 12, 2023 – May 7, 2023. Snapdragon Sapporo-Style Miso Ramen Cups, Born in Japan, ramen is arguably the most popular soup in the world with […]

Qtaste Hot Topokki Bowls 6/4.51 Ounce Bowls

For a combination of tasty textures in sweet spicy flavor, this microwaveable Rice Cakes & Noodles with sweet spicy sauce prepares a spicy bite you can easily tuck into. This instant serving makes savouring its incredible heat so fun and sumptuous, your eyes will be watering with joy. A sweet, spicy dish, simply add hot […]

East West Cuisine Chinese Style Ribs Price per Pound

East West Cuisine Chinese Style Ribs are Baby Back Pork Ribs with Chinese BBQ Sauce Topped with Honey and Sesame Seeds. Fully cooked and ready in 5 minutes in the microwave. The deliciously blended Chinese style tender Baby Ribs will have you licking your fingers and coming back for more! Nutrition facts: Per serving 5 oz (140g) contains […]