Organic Long Kaw Bean-Vermicelli Noodles 29.6 Ounces

updated on 5/6/2019. Costco has this item with $11.99 now.

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Having a hot pot with your family and friends to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year? Don’t forget to add these healthy and tasty Organic Long Kaw Bean-Vermicelli Noodles to your dishes!


The noodles are packed in a large bag with 2-Pack, total net weight of 29.6 ounce bean-vermicelli noodles. Costco has it selling at $9.99. It’s USDA certified organic product, all natural, NON GMO, gluten free and low calories.

Basic Cooking Instruction: Put into boiling water for 5 minutes. Drain and cool down with cold water serve in soup or stir-fry as desired.



Organic Long Kaw Bean-Vermicelli Noodles 29.6 Ounces Price: $9.99, $0.338 / oz

Costco Item# 960641

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