About CoChaser

We strive to give you an easy way to discover and shop for things you love at costco.

Why chasing Costco?

Great products win. Costco aims to sell quality products by carefully selecting each items from reputable merchants. From fresh and packaged foods, electronics, sporting goods,  to apparel, accessories, beauty and travel, Costco sells most high quality product lines including items like organic food, designer apparel, high-end products as well as daily groceries.

Great service wins. Costco ranks number one among stores with the best return policies. Costco guarantees your satisfaction on every product they sell. They will refund your purchase price on most items if you don’t feel happy with them, even after more than one year of usage.

Great prices win. By keeping overhead low, Costco is able to provide their customers all kind of goods at the lowest possible price. Good products at low prices, that’s what Costco call as “value”.

As loyal and savvy Costco shoppers, we all know you get big savings when shopping at Costco, but in many cases, it also means buying bulk, you will have to stock up your cabinet yet some merchandise might not be steals. We are here to help! In addition to updating newest products, deals and coupons daily, we also scour the web for the best comparing options to keep you save bigger and get all treats you want!


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