Old World Polish Dill Pickles 2/32 Ounce Jar

Update your sandwich, burger or salad with these satisfying dill pickles. Old World Polish Dill Pickles gives you extra crunchy dill flavor that transforms any meal. Poland’s Classic Polish Dill Pickles have an old world traditional taste. Works well with potato salads, sandwiches, or just eating a plain pickle. The classic pickle crunch is complemented […]

Tassos Mediterranean Medley 35.23 Ounce Jar

Ready for a party. Check out this Tassos Mediterranean Medley at Costco. This is a four olive mix including Green Natural Black Kalamata and Blonde Olives. They are Low in salt of superior quality and preserved in natural sea salt brine. Product of Greece. Nutrition facts: Per serving size (30g) contains 20 calories. 2g total […]

Frito Lay Variety 30 Count Box

This Frito-Lay Classic Mix Variety Pack provides the perfect portion size and variety to keep your entire family happy. No matter what the occasion, from the pantry, to your next party with friends, to the lunch box, all you have to do is grab a pack and go! Package includes: 8-Doritos Nacho Cheese (1.75 oz) […]

Made in Nature Berry Pops 20 Ounce Bag

Check out this Made in Nature Berry Pops at Costco. You will love this healthy snake. It is also perfect for picnic. Mixed the best of your favorite, organic summer berries: bright blueberries and tantalizing sweet cherries with refreshingly tart cranberries, then sprinkled in a few crunchy pepita seeds, crispy cashews and rich coconut flakes. […]

Cello Organic Dry Grated Parmesan 18 Ounce Jar

The secret to the delicious sweet & nutty taste of this organic fine Grated Parmesan is that the cows are pasture-raised and eat only carefully curated organic feed. This organic fine Grated Parmesan is free of additives & fillers, so you can feel good about enjoying the taste of pure cheese. Costco offers $4.99 for […]

Made in Nature Organic Dates 40 Ounce Bag

Made in Nature Organic Sun-Dried Deglet Noor Dates are prized the world over for their soft caramel-like flavor. With 100% natural and fat free; no sugar added, this unsulfured Deglet Noor Dates is a good source of fiber. They are handpicked from all palm trees in the hot Tunisian desert where the cool underground water tickle […]

WK Reserve Probiotic Snack Mix 18 Count Box

Looking for an easy way to keep send snacks to those hungry students? WK Reserve Probiotic Snack Mix is great for students stocking up the dorm, grabbing a snack on the go, or filling the lunch box. This pack is ideal for satisfying hungry students and stocking the pantry with fun snacks! Product includes: 9 […]

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats 60 Count Box

Enjoy the original, crispy marshmallow squares. At just 90 Calories per bar, you will never have to feel guilty again! Great for stocking the office breakroom or your home pantry. The pack includes 60, 0.78-ounce bars, each bar is individually packed. Each serving contains 90 calories with 20 of those coming from fat and 8g sugars, not […]

Go Go Squeez Organic AppleSauce Variety 28/3.2 Oz Pouches

Applesauce on the GoGo 100% natural fruits meet the signature innovative packaging to bring you a healthy snack even the busiest of families can enjoy anytime, anywhere. All natural and gluten, nut and dairy free. GoGo plays in the magical space where kids are happy and those who care for them feel good. This is […]

Organic Bamboo Lane Brown Rice Rollers 16 Count Box

Simple snacks with simple ingredients, this Organic Bamboo Lane Brown Rice Rollers are Low Fat, Low Sodium, Allergen-free, No cholesterol, Gluten Free- Non GMO, Kosher and Vegan. It is the finest whole grain brown rice with natural sweeteners. Nutrition facts: Per serving size 1 Roller (12.5g ) contains 50 calories, 0 total fat, less than […]