Synthetic Leather Seat Cover

TYPE S offers a stylist seat cover designed for both comfort and enhanced protection. This premium Comfort Seat Cover is designed to fit your seat with adjustable fasteners to provide a custom fit. With comfort in mind, the comfort foam quilting is a high-density comfort foam quilting that provides maximum support and comfort. Along with […]

4-In-1 Multiuse PET Car Seat Cover

Made with water resistant material, this 4-In-1 Multi Use Deluxe PET Car Seat Cover is one size that fits most vehicles / SUV’s 56 In (L) x 53 In (W) Key features: Slip resistant and scratch resistant lining Easily convert from hammock to standard bench coverage, front seat cover or use as cargo liner Visual […]

TurtleWAX Wash and WAX 1 Gallon

This Turtle HyperFoam Wash and WAX provides amazing cleaning and shine in just 1 step. 128 oz super-size is only $14.99 at Costco. Features: Laing-lasting rich, luxurious foam is infused with an amazing tropical scent. Friction-reducing detergents glide underneath dirt & contaminants for sage swirl-free cleaning Conditioned with high-shine polymers that produces a deep gloss […]

Type S Wetsuit Seat Cover with Anti Bacterial Treatment

The Type S Wetsuit Seat Covers with Antibacterial Technology are designed to upgrade the protection and comfort inside your vehicle. The patented Antibacterial Technology treatment is effective even after multiple cleanings. It protects the covers from bacteria and other microbes while the wetsuit material enhances durability and protects your seat against water, stains and dirt. […]

Delk Products Prostblocker with Mirror Covers

No more scraping, cold hands, or having to warm up your car to defrost your windshield! A premium protective wintertime windshield cover, FrostBlocker protects the essential viewing area of your car from accumulation of ice, frost, or snow.  Constructed of premium, durable polyester Material and featuring a water-resistant, PVC backing, the FrostBlocker fits most cars, truck, […]

CAT 1000Amp Power Station with Jump Starter & Compressor, Model# CJ1000DCP

Get your 3-in-1 Jump Starter & Power Station at Costco now. The CAT CJ1000DCP Jump Starter and Power Station is designed with the professional in mind. Featuring integrated jumper cables and a 1000 peak amp jump starter, it’s powerful enough to start up even large V8-powered cars and trucks. User-friendly with crucial safety features and […]

TYPE S Wireless Solar Powered 720P HD Backup Camera 2.0, Model# WIN-530033_V2

This 3rd generation TYPE S Wireless Solar-Powered Backup Camera is the most powerful yet. It is elevating driving safety to yet another level with the all-new, solar powered, Wireless Backup Camera with expansive 6.8″ HD widescreen monitor. With the addition of a second lithium-ion battery, the power capacity is now doubled to 5000 mAh. Repositioned […]

Bridgestone Auto Safety Emergency Kit, 50-Pieces

Designed to provide you with the necessary tools and equipment for safety and security during any roadside emergency, this Bridgestone Auto Safety Road Kit can be assured that you will be prepared for when those minor unexpected roadside emergencies happen. This 50-piece road kit comes in a compact hard shell foam carry case with handles. […]

Type S Lithium Jump Starter with Wireless Charging Pad

This powerful jump starter from TYPE S easily jump starts 12V vehicles, charges small electronic devices, and provides portable LED lighting when you need it most. Features include: Up to 8,000 mAh High Capacity Power Bank with Smart & Safe Jumper Cable Compact, Lightweight Design Two (2) USB ports (Type-C and Type-A) for Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, […]

Type S 360 Degree Smart Dash Camera

TYPE S is revolutionizing the way you record video not only on the road but also inside the vehicle. Designed for the everyday driver and ride-share operators, the DRIVE 360 Dash Cam takes on-road documentation and sharing to another level. Unique views and modes allow drivers to chronicle and share road trip content. Features include: 360 Degree HD Recording […]