TurtleWAX Wash and WAX 1 Gallon

This Turtle HyperFoam Wash and WAX provides amazing cleaning and shine in just 1 step. 128 oz super-size is only $14.99 at Costco.



  • Laing-lasting rich, luxurious foam is infused with an amazing tropical scent.
  • Friction-reducing detergents glide underneath dirt & contaminants for sage swirl-free cleaning
  • Conditioned with high-shine polymers that produces a deep gloss & rich shone
  • pH neutral, formula will not strip off wax coatings


Rise car with water to remove loose dirt. Mix 1 Ounce per gallon of water in your wash bucket. Begin washing your car from the top down using a quality microfiber towel, mitt or sponge. Rinse thoroughly from the top down and towel dry. For foam sprayer use 1 ounce of wash per 2 ounces of water for heavy foam.

Costco TurtleWAX Wash and WAX 1 Gallon Price: $14.99

Costco Item#1561492

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