SENSODYNE Pronamel Gentle Whitening Advanced Toothpaste 4/ 6.5 oz

Formulated with an optimized fluoride formulation, this Pronamel Gentle Whitening Advanced toothpaste is releases more fluoride, helping to boost the replacement of calcium, which is the essential mineral that naturally strengthens enamel.

Pronamel provides all the benefits of regular toothpaste like freshening breath, cavity protection while also helping to restore your teeth’s natural whiteness and relieving tooth sensitivity. Pronamel strengthens and rehardens weakened enamel while also helping to prevent further enamel damage.


SENSODYNE Pronamel toothpaste has a fresh mint flavor that keeps your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Costco SENSODYNE Pronamel Gentle Whitening Advanced Toothpaste Price: $24.49

Costco Item#1472535

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