Let’s Get Ready Learning Library

Buy the best educational toys on the market for your kids! The Let’s Get Ready! A great gift for your kids who will back to school.


For individual learning styles and goals, every product placed in a child’s hands is brimming with color, content, and creativity.

There are three kinds of learning Library Collection

  • First Steps Learning Library
  • Kindergarten Learning Library
  • Preschool Learning Library


  • First Steps Learning Library COLLECTION Box Set [3 Sets in 1] (Age 2 Plus) 45 Self-correcting puzzle. Sets introducing animals, foods and with exciting farm theme!
  • The Kindergarten Learning Library set features a wide range of award-winning educational titles. Three self-correcting puzzle sets introduce children to specific educational topics or skills.
  • Preschool Learning Library includes three best-selling Match It titles for the preschool age to further develop basic educational skills and have fun at the same time.

Costco Let’s Get Ready Learning Library Price: $12.99

Costco Item#954251

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