PowerStation PSX1004 Jump Starter and Portable Power Source

Never get stranded on the road with this PowerStation PSX1004 Jump Starter and Portable Power Source. Whether you need a jumpstarter for your vehicle, a high pressure air compressor for your tires, a charger to juice up your digital devices or some, the new PSX-1004 PowerStation does it all.


The New and improved version of the highly capable original PSX easily starts dead batteries in seconds without the need for another vehicle. The PSX-1004 PowerStation also easily inflates vehicle tires with its high power 160psi built-in air compressor and works as a 12-volt power source.

Features include:

  • Exclusive high power 18 amp hour battery starts vehicles instantly.
  • 160 PSI high volume tire inflator inflates tires and sporting foods quickly
  • On board 110v AC outlet powers AC Appliances including small TV,blenders, lighting and more.
  • 2.1V Amp USB port charges electronic such as cell phone, laptop and other electronic devices quickly
  • Powerful 3 LED emergency light
  • 29.5 inch industrial cables and 400 amp clamps allow efficient power transfter to low battery
  • 110V AC built-in charger allows recharge of unit with standard extension cord or with power cord included
  • Dimensions: 15 W x 10.8 H x 9 inches D

Costco PowerStation PSX1004 Jump Starter and Portable Power Source Price: $79.99

Costco Item# 1078579

Inventory and pricing may vary at your warehouse location and are subject to change.