Little Hotties Adhesive Toe Warmers, 30PK

If you love outdoor activities such as Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Skiing etc. in cold winter season and feel cold on your toes, then these Little Hotties adhesive toe warmers are there to save your feet! They will provide consistent heat up to 5 hours.


The toe warmers are easy to use. Safe, natural, odorless and air activated.


  • Open it: remove the pouch from the plastic wrapper, DO NOT open the cloth pouch
  • Stick it: Remove the paper backing and place the adhesive side of the toe warmer on the outside of your sock, at the top or bottom of the toe area.
  • After use ,dispose of with household garbage. The ingredients are environmentally safe.

Hint: After placing in an enclosed area, Little Hotties can take up to 20 Minutes to reach maximum heat.

Costco Little Hotties Adhesive Toe Warmers 30PK  Price: $13.99
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Costco Item#: 759176

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