Apple & Eve Organic Peach and Mango Juice 2/65oz Bottles

Costco has Apple & Eve Organic Peach and Mango Juice selling at $6.79 . It comes with 2-packs of 64oz bottle each. The unit price is 5.3¢/ fl. oz. Compare to $63.88 with $18.49 shipping for 8/48 oz that is 21.5¢/ fl. oz  (as of Feb 4, 2016 @ 12:02 GMT, Details. We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.) at Amazon, Costco offers a really amazing deal.


Bottled in USA, this Organic Peach and Mango Juice is made with 100% organic juice and is gluten free. There are no added sugars, no artificial flavors, no preservatives.

Nutrition Facts:  For each serving size of 8 fl. oz(240ml), it contains 110 Calories, 0 Calories from fat. With 100% Vitamin C, this juice surely is tasty and healthy, a tad high in sugar though, 28g sugar per serving.

Apple & Eve Organic Peach and Mango Juice Price: $6.79

Costco Item#: 744549

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