Hyper Strike Bow And Zonic Whistle Arrows

With Hyper Strike Bow And Zonic Whistle Arrows, it is a great way to enjoy the outdoors all summer long; shoot targets in your backyard, team up and have a battle in the park, see how far you can shoot while you’re at the beach. Recommended Ages: 14+ Years.

Costco has The Hyperstrike Bow Blue and red available.


This modern bow has a sturdy frame with 2 rails in the front to mount the arrow quivers. The elastic band posts have rollers to give the arrows a strong boost. It has a large head with cushiony foam padding, a whistle tip mounted on the side and hooks to pull back the bands. Its large body and with fins and a tail give you a firm grip for an effective shot.

  • The HyperStrike bow is safe and durable, but capable of launching arrows over 250 feet
  • Quickly and easily launch arrows; Just hook arrows on the loops, pull back and release; Works only with Zing’s soft and safe arrows so nothing dangerous can be launched
  • Soft and sage whistling arrows

Costco Hyper Strike Bow And Zonic Whistle Arrows Price: $17.99

Costco Item#1231231

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