Birdrock Emergency 2-PK Aluminum Shovel

Updated on 11/1/2023. Costco has item back to store at $29.99.

Updated on 9/17/2022. Costco has item back to store at $29.99.

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Lightweight aluminum construction, this BirdRock Home Emergency Shovel allows you to easily maneuver. Perfect for a vehicle, camping, hiking and on-the-go activities.


This shovel features an innovative folding design that allows it to quickly and easily collapse. It has a textured rubber grip so you can keep a reliable hold on the shovel when shoveling snow, dirt, sand or mud.

Features include:

  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Built to last
  • Easily folds down for compact storage
  • Storage

Costco Birdrock Emergency 2-PK Aluminum Shovel Price: $26.99

Costco Item#1330348

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