Crown Maple Organic Bourbon Maple Syrup 25 Ounce Bottle

Updated on 10/23/2023. Costco has this item on sale for Pre Holiday Savings 2023. It gets $4.30 off, deals valid from October 30 – November 12. 2023.

Pure maple syrup goes well with so many different flavors, and one of the most delectable pairings is maple and bourbon. Crown Maple celebrates this exquisite combination with the Limited Edition Bourbon Barrel Aged syrup.


Bourbon maple syrup can be enjoyed in many ways. Naturally, the simplest uses are to pour it straight over waffles, ice cream, peaches or oatmeal, and recipe ideas include Maple Bourbon Fruit Salsa, Maple Bourbon Grilled Pineapple, Maple Bourbon Bacon, and Maple Bourbon Mustard.

Nutrition Facts:

Per serving size (2 Tbsp, 30mL), it contains 108 calories, 0 from Fat.  24 g sugar, 2% calcium and 2% Magnesium of Daily Value.

Costco Crown Maple Organic Bourbon Maple Syrup 25 Ounce Bottle Price: $14.79

Costco item# 1110739

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