Dyson Hot + Cool Bladeless Heater & Fan (Model no. AM05)

We spotted a $50 discount on Dyson Hot + Cool Bladeless Heater & Fan (Model no. AM05) at Costco which brings the price down to $249.99, it is still a bit pricey though. Well, it’s pricier than some of other heaters + coolers for reasons. With bladeless feature, this Dyson heater + fan is safe, easy to operate, easy to clean and produces powerful, smooth and […]

Rubbermaid Cereal Keeper 3-Pack

Updated on 7/28/2017. Rubbermaid Cereal Keeper 3-Pack come back to store with a new Costco item#1136440. Costco cuts $4 off now, dropping the price down price to $8.99, valid through 7/30/2017. Another food storage box from Rubbermaid, same as the Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Large Food Storage Set we talked about couple days ago, This 3-pack Rubbermaid Cereal Keeper […]

Bionaire Digital Ceramic Tower heater

Winter is here, this Bionaire Digital CeramicTower heater should be able to keep you warm in a small space such as bedroom and dens. It heats up quickly and can easily be moved around the rooms. One thing worth saying is it’s not that quiet, the noises generated from fan are bothersome or not, totally depends on your own feelings. […]

Seville Classics 2PK Pan Organizer Rack

This Seville Classics 4-Tier Pan Organizer Rack is made with Chrome-Plated Steel, it can be placed horizontally or vertically to help you store pans and save space on your kitchen counter, cabinets, pantry or drawer. Costco has 2-Pack Seville Classics Pan Organizer Rack for $14.99. Considering Amazon sells one rack for $14.99 , the price at Costco is […]

Organize It All Wire Shoe Rack

Organize It All Wire Shoe Rack comes in with 2-Tire stackable Shoe Rack with extra wide shelves for extra storage space. Can be used to organize your shoe collection, household items and even kitchen items. Features include: Sturdy metal construction Angled shelving option Stackable (You can stack 2 such shoe racks together) Dimensions: 35.2″ W x 12.6″ […]

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Large Food Storage Set

Costco offers a very good price on Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Large Food Storage Set. It is a 6-PC set that includes 2 piece of 1.5-gallon/5.7-liters with lids and 1 piece 2.5-gallon/9.5-liters with lid. Every piece is made BPA-free in the USA and microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. These large storage boxes are ideal for large portions of […]

Air-O-Swiss 7144 vs PureGuardian H4810 Ultrasonic Humidifier

As we said earlier, Ultrasonic Humidifiers are some of the quietest humidifiers that virtually give no sound, making them ideal for use while you’re sleeping. Ultrasonic humidifiers need much less electricity compared to traditional humidifiers which in turn allow you to get big savings on your electric bills. Since the mist is generated through high-frequency vibration, it will be dispersed to the […]

Air-O-Swiss Digital Warm/Cool Ultrasonic Humidifier (Model no. ASO7144)

At the price of $119.99, online $199.99 at Costco.com, this Air-O-Swiss Digital Ultrasonic humidifier is more expensive than the PureGuardian Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier which we talked earlier. Both of them are Ultrasonic humidifiers that can vibrate at an ultrasonic frequency with ultrasonic sounds that are silent to humans. Air-O-Swiss Digital Ultrasonic humidifier claims that it emits micro-fine mist into the air, distributing […]

PureGuardian Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

Costco cuts $20 off on PureGuardian Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier, model # H4810 to $64.99. Amazon.com has the same item priced for $98.72 with FREE Shipping.  With ultrasonic technology, PureGuardian Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier silently disperses a fine mist into the air, ideal for the use while you sleep as it’s virtually no sound. Features include: Large 2 gallon tank […]

OttLite LED Desk Lamp With Color Changing Base at Costco

This is a really eye-catching fun lamp. It has 3 brightness setting w/ Touch-Sensitive Control and flexible neck. The base cycles through seven different 256 true colors. The 345 lumens super bright natural daylight LEDs are rated to last up to 40k hours. The retail price is $69.99. It sells $26.99 at Costco. Costco OttLite […]