Air-O-Swiss 7144 vs PureGuardian H4810 Ultrasonic Humidifier

As we said earlier, Ultrasonic Humidifiers are some of the quietest humidifiers that virtually give no sound, making them ideal for use while you’re sleeping. Ultrasonic humidifiers need much less electricity compared to traditional humidifiers which in turn allow you to get big savings on your electric bills. Since the mist is generated through high-frequency vibration, it will be dispersed to the room instantly after you push the “on” button.


Both Air-O-Swiss 7144 and PureGuardian H4810 Ultrasonic Humidifiers are portable while if you add up full tanks of water, it could be quite heavy to carry around.

We put together the side-by-side comparison as following

Air-O-Swiss 7144PureGuardian H4810
Humidity SettingYou set the number / Auto Adjust3 settings from low, medium to high
Tank Capacity:1.5 Gallon2 Gallon
Run Time per Fill16 hours3-4 Days
Weight8.8 lb5.4 lbs
Product Dimension10″L x 11.4″W x 13.7″ H7.75″L x 15.03″W x 12.48″H
Room Size RangeUp to 650ftMedium to Large Room (150ft – 300ft)
Country of OriginKoreaChina
Costco Price$119.99 with $30 rebate$64.99 with $20 rebate


Though both Air-O-Swiss 7144 and PureGuardian H4810 claim that they use a Silver technology to reduce the residues on the water tank thus cleaning tank becomes much easier, they both do have the cleaning issue if you use tab water. Especially for PureGuardian H4810, couple customers complaint that it could get dirty for several hours’ of usage while with Demineralization Cartridge &  EZ Cal Cleaner & Descaler included in the Air-O-Swiss 7144 Humidifiers, it helps the humidifiers stay cleaner longer. Nevertheless, to reduce the frequency of cumbersome and tough cleaning work, you’d better fill the tank with distilled water.


Pros for Air-O-Swiss 7144
  • Very fine mist that will evaporate instantly, leave furniture and other surroundings dry
  • Nice humidity and temperature control, produce both warm and cool mist
  • Hydro Cell added to purify tap water thus making the mist healthier
Cons for Air-O-Swiss 7144
  • More Expensive
  • Lower tank capacity, needs more frequent water refilling
Pros for PureGuardian H4810 
  • Affordable price for a Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • Runs longer per water fill
Cons for PureGuardian H4810 
  • Mist is not warm enough
  • Floor/carpet and furniture surround could get soaked if set the mist high