Bareroot Roses 1 Gallon 2 Pack

Costco is carrying several varieties of bareroot roses at our local store. Each package comes with 1 gallon of two jumbo roses.


The different types of bareroot roses are:

  • Sun Flare, Floribunda, a low growing, mounding unusually fine landscape plant with bright yellow blooms and glossy green foliage .
  • Chicago Peace, Hybrid tea, enormous blooms of rich, canary yellow, tinged with rose pink, borne singly on strong stem. A sport of the great peace rose. Vigorous, bushy plant.
  • Eclipse, elegantly long, tapered, golden yellow buds, open to lovely sunshine yellow flowers. Fine for cutting. Vigorous plant. Petal count: 17-25. Everblooming hybrid tea rose.
  • Fragrant Cloud, Hybrid tea, large, beautifully shaped bright coral red blooms with luxurious fragrance. Rich, dark green foliage. Vigorous, upright plant.
  • Europeana, Tremendous clusters of satiny, cardinal red blooms. Low, compact, well-shaped plant. Lustrous foliage. Petal count: 35-40. Floribunda

Costco Bareroot Roses 1 Gallon 2 Pack Price: $12.99

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