W+L 3 pack Candle Set, 11 OZ

Designed and poured in Los Angeles. Wolf + Lamb luxury candles with Curated fragrances release scented notes of rich aromas. The luxury vessels illuminate your home, adding a richness to your space.


Candles use sustainable energy, cotton lead-free wicks, and soy blend to provide a memorable candle experience.


  • (1)Candle with Wolfberry Mandarin scent
  • (1)Candle with Moss & Sea Salt scent
  • (1)Candle with Thyme & Sage scent 


  • Poured in the U.S.A.
  • Re-usable vessels made in China

Costco W+L 3 pack Candle Set, 11 OZ Price: $17.99

Costco Item#1612212

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