Wind Spinner

What a beautiful wind catcher! This wind metal spinner comes in sunflower style design. Stake it to your yard and watch the wind bring it to life.


Made of all Steel Construction, this Wind Spinner features:

  • UV and Weather resistant finish
  • Ball-bearing movement
  • Three-Prong stake
  • 89.7” overall height
  • Assembly required
  • Outdoor use only

Costco Wind Spinner Price: $48.99

Costco item#1031634, UPC# 720354963515

Inventory and pricing may vary at your warehouse location and are subject to change.


  1. I received one for a retirement gift and the ball bearing on one of the blades keeps coming apart and making the fans off center and a clanging noise when it hits the other side. Very disappointed with since it was a special gift for retiring.

    • Would you consider selling it? I would love to buy it from you. Thank you so much 🙂

    • The wind blows a lot here. I lost a bearing, but was able to find inexpensive replacements on line.

      To stop the thing from destroying itself, I drilled holes about 1/4″ back from the back of the bearing, dropped a nail through it, then bent the nail, which will act as a stop to keep the two blade systems from smashing into each other.

  2. who manufactured these? The pole rusted through rendering the wind spinner useless. Is it possible to get another pole for it?

  3. Got one last year and have had no problems with it. It takes very little wind to have it spin. Very happy with it.

  4. Ours is wonderful, not one complaint!

  5. I purchased this and within two hours the ball bearing fell out of the spinner..I exchanged it for another one at my local Costco and the same thing happened..not very sturdy at all. Even the metal blades were dented when I opened the box..I would not recommend this product..

    • We got a similar one from Costco, and it is a piece of junk. It wobbles, the spinners don’t spin…it’s a complete waste of money. Since it’s been pounded into the ground, we won’t return it, but I am so disappointed. I guess you get what you pay for.

      • We purchased in April 2017. Ball bearing and rubber ring have failed on both blades. Also, as it spins, it in screws the pices of the long pole since the ball bearings are gone. I’m taking back to Costco. Loved the idea, hugely, but if it can’t stand up to weather and wind, what’s the point.! I have taken it apart several times to check assembly directions. So, it’s just not a well exicuted plan. So sad!!!!

  6. where can I purchase this wind catcher….Item#1031634 UPC720354963515

    • where can i get one of these please

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