Waterpik Handheld Shower Head 14 Spray Settings

Costco currently cuts $10 off on Waterpik Handheld Shower Head 14 Spray Settings, dropping the price to $27.99. With hybrid power dial, Waterpik Handheld Shower Head allows you to easily adjust the control from full flow to EcoFLow to trickle. Even at low water pressures, the OptiFlow design can improve water force up to 30% by more efficiently channeling water. Overall, this is a high-performance shower head that will help you save water easily while still performs with a strong spray.

Kit including:

  • Chrome Hand Shower
  • Hybrid Power Control bracket
  • 5-Foot Premium Stainless Steel Hose


  • Anti-Clog Nozzles
  • Bright Chrome Finish
  • Premium Stainless Steel Hose
  • Hybrid Power Control in bracket
  • Choose Power or Savings
  • 14 total Spray Settings – 7 Full Flow + 7 EcoFlow
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Installs in minutes

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Costco Waterpik Handheld Shower Head 14 Spray Settings Price: $27.99 after $10 instant rebate, deal ends on 02/21/16

Compare to $41.5 with free shipping (as of Jan 31, 2016 @ 16:01 GMT, Details. We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.) at Amazon.

Costco Item: #844110

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