U BRANDS Colored Pencils 50PC with Sharpener & Pouch

Unleash your inner artist with U Brands colored pencils. The 48 Vibrant colors will bring life to your masterpieces. Each pencil features soft cores that are ideal for coloring and blending along with thicker durable leads for extended use. Whether you are a beginner artist, a coloring book enthusiast, or a professional artist, these pencils are perfect for your next project, fashion design, presentation or just creative outlet. Great as a gift too!


Package Includes:

  • 48 Colored pencils
  • 2-hole pencil sharpener
  • Canvas pencil pouch to store pencils & sharpener

Features include:

  • 48 vibrant colors
  • Thick, long-lasting leads to resist break
  • Soft cores for optimal blending and shading
  • Quality 2-hole pencil sharpener
  • Durable canvas pencil pouch to store all 48 pencil and the sharpener

Costco UBRANDS Colored Pencils 50PC with Sharpener & Pouch Price: $8.79

Costco item#1055527

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