Sabatasso’s Pizza Single Variety 12 Pack Box

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Every Sabatasso’s Pizza is made with the same commitment to premium quality and flavor what Louis Sabatasso started three generations ago in.


12 CT Sabatasso’s thin crust variety Pizzas contains 6 Pepperoni with real Mozzarella and 6 Four-Cheese (Mozzarella, Yellow Cheddar, Provolone & Parmesan). Two flavors in this pack to tackle the frequent cravings! Individually wrapped and microwavable.

Nutrition facts:

Per serving size 1 pizza (102-105g) contains 290-310 calories, 140-160 from fat. 15-18g total fat, 600-710mg sodium(25%-30% of DV), 1g fiber, 7g sugars and 11-12g protein.

Costco Sabatasso’s Pizza Single Variety 12 Pack Box Price: $9.99

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