Puma Sunglasses Grey Polarized Lens

These are the third  we spotted at Costco.  Costco has them selling at $29.99. The same item sells $59.95 at Amazon (as of Feb 26, 2016 @ 14:02 GMT, Details. We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.), that is doubled the price at Costco.


The sunglasses feature a full plastic frame with gray polarized lenses. The frame is ideal for all sports and activities.

Puma Sunglasses Grey Polarized Lens has the following features:

  • Break-resistant lenses protect your eyes
  • Polarized lenses make you see things clearly
  • Includes PUMA case and cleaning materials

Costco Puma Sunglasses Grey Polarized Lens Price: $29.99

Costco Item#:  975320

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