Philadephia Soft Cream Cheese 3 Pound TUB

Updated on 10/23/2023. Costco has this item on sale for Pre Holiday Savings 2023. It gets $3 off, deals valid from October 30 – November 12. 2023.

Updated on 11/05/2020. Costco offers $2.10 off on this item, dropping the price to $5.89. price is valid from Nov.20, 2019 through Nov.30, 2020.

Take a look at this Philadelphia Soft Cream Cheese, 3 lb. tub at Costco. Philadelphia Soft Cream Cheese has a mild cream cheese flavor and a creamy, soft texture for added spreadability.


Additionally, there are no artificial flavors. You can spread on breakfast favorites, like bagels, toast, muffins and more.

Nutrition facts: Per serving 2 TBSP (31g) contains 80 calories, 70 from fat, 7g total fat, 0 fiber, 2g protein, and 125mg sodium.

Costco Philadelphia Soft Cream Cheese 3 Pound TUB Price: $7.99

Costco Item# 40532

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