PEET Executive Shoe Dryer

The shoe dryer removes wet, sweat, and odor from your footwear, keeping your feet comfortable, healthy, and dry. Removes conditions where bacteria thrives and neutralizes odor. This Peet Executive Shoe Dryer powers air through the air chambers and DryPorts with a fan, to dry gear faster than the traditional natural convection models.


Drying for 2 pairs boots or shoes at once in 1-4 hours with heat / No heat settings. The large, sturdy base can easily handle two pairs of heavy ski boots or skates and easily plugs into any standard 110-120 volt U.S. household currents.

Key features:

  • Comes with four footwear dryports
  • Safe to us on all materials
  • Extends the life of your gear
  • Eliminates the environment that bacteria thrives in

Costco PEET Executive Shoe Dryer Price:  $69.99

Costco Item#1736136

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