Organic Honest Kids Juice Variety Pack 40-pk/6 oz Boxes

Costco has Organic Honest Kids Juice Variety Pack selling at $9.99. It comes with 40-packs of 6oz juice each box. The unit price is 4¢/ fl. oz. Compare to $21 with free shipping for 32/6.75 oz that is 10¢/ fl.oz  at Amazon, Costco offers a really great deal.


Organic Honest Kids Juice Drink is certified USDA Organic drink and it’s gluten free. No GMOs and no high fructose corn syrup.  The juice is made from concentrate.

Ingredients include:

  1. Filtered water
  2. Organic white grape juice from concentrate
  3. Organic strawberry juice from concentrate
  4. Organic watermelon jucie from concentrate
  5. All natural flavors!

The Pack includes:  10 Berry Berry Good Lemonade , 10 Goodness Grapeness ,10 Super Fruit Punch and 10 Appley Ever After

Nutrition Facts:  For each servicing size (I drink box),   it contains 35 Calories, 0 Calories from fat, 8g sugar, 100% Vitamin C.

Organic Honest Kids Variety 40/6 oz Boxes Price: $9.79

Costco Item#: 937851

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