Night Owl HD Surveillance System 8 Channel / 4 Camera

Night Owl HD Surveillance System 8 Channel / 4 Camera is an affordable video security DVR to protect you home & business.  With Hi-Definition 1080P resolution, you get clearer images and videos and thus greatly enhance the recognition of intricate details such as license plate numbers and distinct facial features.

Costco offers this video security system at $299.99, comparing to $511.99 (as of Feb 6, 2016 @ 15:02 GMT, Details. We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.) at Amazon, this is an amazing price.



Night Owl HD Surveillance System is easy to setup, simply plug in, connection & view. You get real-time notification when motion detected.  You will be notified by emails or phone(configure the phone alert if you want to) when the cameras saw movement .

When you’re away from home, you still can remote access the recorded videos on your smartphone, tablet or computer and this is private remote access, video is never transmitted to any 3rd party servers.

Features Include:

  1. 4 Weather Resistant 1080P
  2. Night vision up to 100ft
  3. Easy 1-2-3 QR Code network setup: Download Night Owl HD, Scan the QR code, View and Playback.
  4. View multiple cameras on one screen.
  5. Secure Wired connection: Uninterrupted viewing and recording – no delays, internet access not required for recording. No interference from other Wi-Fi devices.
  6. Digital Zoom
  7. HDMI & VGA Outputs
  8. 8 channel HD DVR, 1TB HDD
  9. Remote viewing from PC, Tablet or Smartphone
  10. Includes HDMI Cable
  11. 11.2 x 7.7 x 17.3 inches

Night Owl HD Surveillance System 8 Channel / 4 Camera Price: $299.99

Costco Item# 1020891

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