Made in Nature Organic Dried Apricots, 48 Ounce Bag

At the same aisle as Ocean Spray Craisins (Dried Cranberries 64oz), we spotted another organic dried fruits by Made in Nature: dried apricots in a 48 ounce bag. Costco sells it for $13.99.

This Organic Dried and Unsulfured Apricots is made with Tree Ripened Apricots that grown in the Turkish countryside where the beautiful gems ripen and dry in the sunshine until they are juicy and rich in flavor. They’re soft and sweet without a drop of added sugar.


These Dried Apricots are 100% pure, natural, no artificial color added, USDA organic certifiedwith no Gluten and no nuts.

Nutrition facts:

Per serving size (1/4 cup, 40g) contains 110 calories, 0 from fat. For each serving, you get 2g dietary fiber and 17g sugar. With the same serving size, it contains 20 calories lower than Ocean Spray Dried Cranberries.

Costco Made in Nature Organic Dried Apricots 64oz Bag is Priced at $13.99
Compare to $26 (as of Feb 6, 2016 @ 17:02 GMT, Details. We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.) at Amazon. 

Costco Item#: 9288

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