M & M’s Milk Chocolate 62 Oz

M&M’s Milk Chocolate Candy in a 62oz Bottle is a snack that should be enjoyed anywhere and anytime. That’s what makes M&M’s Candy in these plastic containers so great; they can be snapped closed and put in your pocket or bag until the time is right.

Costco-1199868- M -M’s-Milk-Chocolate

Pour a few into your hand or into a friend’s, and you’ve got a great snack to eat on the run. Enjoy real milk chocolate covered in colorful candy shells whenever you like.

Nutrition facts:

Per serving size 1 oz (28g, 32 pieces) contains 140 calories. For each serving, you get 5g total fat, 1g protein, less than 1g fiber and 17g sugars, 20mg (1%DV) Sodium

Costco M & M’s Milk Chocolate 62 Oz Price: $9.69

Costco Item# 1199868

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