LEGO Dreamzzz Tree House or City Submarine

Costco has both LEGO Dreamzzz Tree House and LEGO City Submarine available.

Costco-1022930-LEGO-Dreamzzz-Tre- House-City-Submarine-all

LEGO Dreamzzz Tree House (71461): 1257 Total Pieces

Let kids’ imaginations reach new heights. The set is a thrilling build for kids aged 9+ and fans of the LEGO DREAMZzz TV show before recreating their favorite scenes. Kids can choose to build the treehouse in party mode or defense mode, doubling the playtime and the fun. They can build the tree house with cool hangouts or defense stations to protect the heroes and a dreamling from nightmare creatures. Recommended aged 9+.

  • 1 set, 2 ways to build
  • 3 detailed sections: discover a kitchen, a living and a bedroom
  • Fun elements: Accessories includes a toaster that blasts bagels
  • Important minifigures: Includes Mrs. Castillo, Izzie, Mateo, and the Night Hunter

LEGO Deep-sea Explorer Submarine (60379): 842 Total Pieces

Dive, dive, dive for epic underwater action! This is premium quality playset, loaded with equipment and functions for endless deep-sea exploration adventures. The toy sub comes with a cool bubble cockpit, onboard science lab, underwater drone, and a mech-style diving suit for seabed exploration. Recommended aged 7+.

Kids get to enjoy building multiple models before diving into exciting stories with cool vehicles and inspiring characters.

  • Cool submarine: check out the cool design and working grabber claws.
  • Onboard features: interior details include a bubble cockpit and laboratory
  • Water drone: Kids open the submarine’s fuselage to deploy the drone

Costco LEGO Dreamzzz Tree House or City Submarine Price: $89.99

Costco Item#1022930

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