LEGO Car Garage or Horse Stable

Costco carries both LEGO Car Garage and Horse Stable set.


1. LEGO Custom Car Garage (60389): 507 Total Pieces:

Customizing cars really is child’s play with the Custom Car Garage, it is the perfect playset for kids who love cool automobiles. Kids get to enjoy an immersive building experience before diving into a world of awesome custom car adventures. Recommended aged 6+.

  • Well-equipped garage: workshop with equipment for welding, painting and repairs
  • Just like the real thing: includes a ramp and toy hoist for quick engine replacement
  • Configuration wall: kids are the configuration wall to create awesome designs

2. LEGO Autumn’s Horse Stable (41745): 545 Total Pieces

Welcome to the new era of LEGO Friends. Looking for a gift for a child adores horses? This set  makes a great present for young house fans. A fun playset for kids who love horses. Stable accessories help kids learn about caring for houses and include a pitchfork, shovel and a hammer to check horseshoes. Recommended aged 7+.

  • 2 horse characters: Autumn and Aliya care for the 2 horses together
  • Relax with friends: Explore the kitchen and the sleeping area with its hay beds
  • Let’s take a ride: Hitch the horses to the carriage before going for a ride

Costco LEGO Car Garage or Horse Stable Price: $44.99

Costco Item#1022926

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