Kraft Easy Mac Cups 12/2.05 Ounce Cups

Updated on 8/26/2023. Costco offers $2.50 off on this item,  price is valid 8/26/2023-9/4/2023.

Provide your family with a delicious and filling snack or side dish with Kraft Easy Mac Cups. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Micro Cups are delicious and  ideal for school or work lunches and are ready in less than four minutes for your convenience.


Features include:

  • Original mac & cheese
  • 2.05 oz/each
  • Original microwave cup
  • Microwave for 3 point 5 minutes
  • Enriched macaroni product, modified food starch, salt

Nutrition Facts:

Per serving size (1 package, 58g) contains 220 calories, 25 from fat.  For each serving, you get 3 g total fat, 1.5g from Saturated fat, 6g of protein, 6g sugar and 6% Daily Value of calcium.

Costco Kraft Easy Mac Cups 12/2.05 Ounce Cups Price: $8.99

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