Kellogg’s Special K Crustless Quiche 8 Count Box

Bring out the morning person inside of you with Kellogg’s Special K Crustless Quiches filled with sausage, quinoa, peppers, mozzarella and asiago, making mornings your new favorite. These tasty breakfast quiches are individually wrapped and ready from the microwave in just 2 minutes.

Costco-1092368-Kellogg’s- Special-K-Crustless-Quiche

It is a good source of protein. They are a perfectly portable, totally new way to start your day with Special K.

Nutrient Facts:

Per serving size 1 Quiche (100g) contains 170 Calories, 110 from fat, 13g total fat. 6g total carbohydrate, 450 mg sodium(19% DV), 11g Protein, 2g Sugars and 2g Dietary Fiber

Costco Kellogg’s Special K Crustless Quiche 8 Count Box Price: $11.69

Costco Item# 1092368

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