Joyba Bubble Tea Variety Pack 8/12 Ounce Cups

Joyba Bubble Tea with delicious popping BoBa is an exciting bubble tea/boba shop experience for you to enjoy anytime, anywhere! Made with real brewed tea infused with vibrant fruit flavor, each refreshing Joyba Bubble Tea offers the perfect amount of popping boba for a little burst of happy in every sip.


This eight-count variety pack contains both Joyba Bubble Tea Raspberry Dragon Fruit–black tea and Joyba Bubble Tea Mango Passionfruit—green teas with lightly flavored bubbles that pop when you bite them.

These do not contain any artificial flavors or sweeteners. NON GMO, NON BPA. Each convenient cup includes a straw so you can sip Joyba on the go.

Nutrition facts:

Per serving 12 fl oz (355ml)  contains 120-130 calories. 0 total fat, 0 protein, 25-28g Sugars and 10-15mg Sodium.

Costco Joyba Bubble Tea Variety Pack 8/12 Ounce Cups Price: $13.99

Costco Item#1698229

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