Jimmy Dean Delights English Muffin 12 Count Box

Jimmy Dean Delights Turkey Sausage, Egg White & Cheese sandwich provides you with great taste and convenience for your breakfast. It is an excellent source of protein with 17g (34%DV)  protein per serving. This box includes 12 individually wrapped sandwiches. Each sandwich is fully cooked.


About this item:

Jimmy Dean turkey sausage delivers great Jimmy Dean sausage taste with less fat than pork sausage. Egg whites provide high-quality protein that gives you the energy to keep you going longer, with zero-fat and cholesterol. The cheese on these sandwiches not only tastes great but also provides a good source of calcium. The muffins are made with whole grains. Each tasty and delicious muffin is made with five grams of whole grains to start your day off right! Enjoy all the taste and convenience of Jimmy Dean Delights Turkey Sausage, Egg White & Cheese Muffins.

Keep frozen. Always follow heating instructions.

Nutrient Facts:

Per serving size 1 Sandwich (145g) contains 250 Calories, 70 from fat,8g total fat, 28g carbohydrate,  650mg sodium(27% DV), 17g Protein, 2g Sugars, 2g Dietary Fiber

Costco  Jimmy Dean Delights English Muffin 12  Count Box Price:  $11.89

Costco item#: 558139

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