Irobot Roomba 805 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Updated on 11/27/2017. Costco offers $50 off on this item, dropping the price to $329.99, price is valid from Nov. 28, 2017 through Dec. 24, 2017. Costco December’s Coupon Book. Costco Coupon Book: Nov. 28 – Dec. 24, 2017

Costco used to carry Roomba 600 series. The Roomba 600 series are good quality, effective cleaning bots. They do mopping, sweeping and vacuum-removal on both hard and soft flooring automatically.  Now comes this Roomba 805 vacuum cleaning robot, it’s more luxury with increased functionality, allowing to roam more rooms of your living area. At the price of $399.99, you can experience a deeper clean with this iRobot Roomba 805 Vacuum Cleaning Robot. It features the revolutionary AeroForce cleaning system which delivers up to five times the air power and requires less maintenance. Preset Roomba to clean when it’s convenient for you, so you can keep up with everyday mess.


iRobot Roomba 805 Vacuum Cleaning Robot is smart, its iAdapat navigation enables Roomba to vacuum and entire room, cleaning under furniture, around obstacles, and along wall edges. It has brushless extractors help prevent tangles and jams caused by hair and other debris, making it even easier to tackle the daily build-up of dust and dirt.

Features include:

  • iAdapt Navigation uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your changing home
  • AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System delivers 50 percent more cleaning performance
  • Tangle-free extractors help prevent hair and debris clogs
  • Schedule up to 7 times per week, or just press CLEAN for immediate cleaning
  • Automatically docks and recharges
  • Avoids stairs and other drop-offs
  • Automatically adjusts to all floor types
  • Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier manages where your robot cleans
  • Lithium-ion battery delivers up to 4 times the battery life
  • 3.6″ low profile cleans under furniture, beds and kickboards

Set includes:

  • Roomba 805
  • iRobot Lithium Ion Battery
  • Home Base Changing Station
  • 2 Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • 1 Extra Filter

Costco Irobot Roomba 805 Vacuum Cleaning Robot Price:  $399.99

Costco item#:1877550

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