Igloo 110QT Rolling Cooler with Removable Tray

Updated on  6/4/2018. This Igloo Maxcold 110QT Cooler with Tray Table is back to store now with a new Costco Item#1183296. The price is the same as before, which is $89.99.


costco-1183296-igloo-110qt-rolling-cooler-with-removable-tray costco-1183296-igloo-110qt-rolling-cooler-with-removable-tray-name costco-1183296-igloo-110qt-rolling-cooler-with-removable-tray-spec

With 110 qt capacity, the size of this Igloo 110QT Rolling Cooler is large enough to carry a great deal of weight for camping, fishing, picnic and other outdoor activities and allows you to put food and/or ice in water tight containers to keep things dry while the ice is melting.


Made in USA, the horizontal locking, telescoping handle makes Igloo 110QT Rolling Cooler easy to pull.

Other features include:

  • Fully insulated lid
  • Fish scale keeper
  • Sport rally wheels
  • Removable slide tray
  • Threaded drain plug

Costco Igloo 110QT Rolling Cooler with Removable Tray Price: $89.99

Costco Item# : 1013655

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