HT-Bali Massage Chair from Costco Road Show

AcuTouch 8.0 HT Bali
Costco Item #941636
Price: $3999.99

HT-Bali is one of the top line massage chairs made by Human Touch. It’s empowered with AcuTouch 8.0 that stretch, loosen and relax specific muscle groups, from the neck to lower back. With full body stretching, you also indulge in 8 HT Auto-Immersion Programs.

AcuTouch 8.0 – 21 targeted techniques

Center Back EaseDeep Shoulder Stretch
Center Back Stretch IWaist Flex
Center Back Stretch IIWaist Stretch
Deep Tissue 3D EaseCirculation Stretch Up
Deep Tissue 3D Stretch UpCirculation Stretch Down
Deep Tissue 3D Stretch DownCirculation Flex
Deep Tissue 3D FlexGentle 3D Stretch I
Deep Tissue 3D ToneGentle 3D Stretch II
Shoulder FlexGentle 3D Flex
Shoulder StretchGentle 3D Tone
Deep Shoulder Flex

8 Auto-Immersion Programs

Quick ImmersionShoulder Recovery
Full Body RecoveryShoulder Relax
Full Body RelaxLow Back Recovery
Full Body CloudLow Back Relax

LCD Remote Control

The remote control has a LCD screen. If you’re familiar with iPhone or Android, it’s at your fingertips. Comparing to the mounted control panel on the Panasonic massage chair, you will appreciate this handheld design when you set the backrest to the full body stretch position.

Shoulder Massage

Each shoulder massage pad can be set to narrow or wide position. The control level hides under the backrest pad.

Foot / Calf Massage

The hideaway ottoman design saves the space and also give the chair a nice look. Pulling up the release handle located on the right side of the chair, you can rotate the foot and calf massage out. It’s also extendable for taller people. Turn the nob at the center to adjust the intensity.

Arm Massage Well

Arm massage wells are located on both side under the armrest.

HT-Bali Arm Massage Well

Body Scan Technology

Before each massage cycle starts, it scans your back and map out your spine for a truly custom massage tailored to your body.

The chair sells $3,999.99 during the special Costco event. The white glove delivery is also available for only $149.99. Human Touch is a reputable brand backed with 1-year in-home service, 2-year parts and 3-year structural warranty.

Bottom line, it really works. With one or two full body stretch cycle, it relieves your neck or back pain.