GUM Soft Picks Advanced 270-Count

GUM Soft-Picks Advanced features soft rubber blisters that help gently remove food and plaque. With curved designed, this GUM Soft Picks Advanced easilycleans between back teeth and hard-to-reach places


The package includes 3 On-The-Go cases, each case holds 12 picks that fits easily in your purse or suitcase for easy cleaning anytime, anywhere.

Other Features:

  • Long handle gives a controlled grip for precise cleaning
  • Recommended by dentist and hygienists
  • Safe for orthodontics, implants, bridges or crowns
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Made in Germany

Easy to use: Use gentle in and out motion to clean between teeth and massage gums. Do not force into tight spaces between teeth.

Costco GUM Soft Picks Advanced 270-Count Price: $13.99

Costco Item# 1148500

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