ESSENZA Wax Warmer with 4PK Fragrances

Create an inviting ambiance in every room with this ESSENZA hand crafted electric LED Wax Warmer. ESSENZA elegant scented Wax Warmer offers artistic design and custom fragrance combinations to create a unique presence in any room. With artisan-crafted ceramic and elegant styling, this Essenza wax warmer becomes functional décor for your kitchen, living room, bedroom or office.


The ESSENZA fragrant Wax Warmer uses an energy-efficient heating plate and LED technology to diffuse fragrance and light into any room. Mix and create your own fragrances to make a statement in your home or office. This beautiful ceramic max warmer also lights up, filling the room with aroma and ambiance.

Set contains:

  • 1 Wax Warmer with 4.5’ (140cm) electrical cord
  • 5oz (70.8g) of Macintosh cinnamon wax cubes
  • 5oz (70.8g) of Pumpkin Pecan wax cubes
  • 5oz (70.8g) of Cedar Vetiver wax cubes
  • 5oz (70.8g) of Vanilla Pralines wax cubes

Costco ESSENZA Wax Warmer with 4PK Fragrances Price: $19.99

Costco item#1045555

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