Dr. Praeger’s Backyard BBQ Burger 12 Count Box

If you need a quick easy meal that is healthy for your family look no further. Check out these Dr. Praeger’s Backyard BBQ Burger at Costco. They are Veggie Burgers. I am sure that you will want to make room on the grill for this delicious meaty burger.

Costco-1230196- Dr-Praegers-Backyard-BBQ-Burger


Hydrated soy protein (water, soy protein concentrate, isolated soy protein, malt extract) expeller pressed canola oil, wheat gluten, potato starch, natural flavors, methyl cellulose, sea salt, natural fruit juice color, wheat fiber.

Nutrition facts:

Per serving size 1 Burger( 113g), it contains 250 calories. Total fat is 13g (16% of daily value) and saturated fat is 0.5g, 24g of protein and 5g fiber.

Costco Dr. Praeger’s Backyard BBQ Burger 12 Count Box Price: $13.99

Costco Item#1230196

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