Downy April Fresh Protect, 30.3 oz

Updated on 8/9/2019: Costco offers $3 off on this item, dropping the price to $11.49; price is valid from Aug. 07, 2019 through Sep. 01, 2019. Costco Coupon Book: Aug. 07 – Sep. 01, 2019.

Downy Fresh Protect HE In-Wash Odor Defense Beads, April Fresh (30.3 oz) will have your clothes smelling wonderful. Can be used in all washing machines, including HE.It is easy to use by just placing some of the crystals inside of your washing machine.


Features include:

  • With In-Wash Febreze Odor Defense technology
  • Motion-activated odor neutralization
  • Easy to use, just toss beads into the washer

Costco Downy April Fresh Protect, 30.3 oz Price: $14.49

Costco Item#2161247

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