Bounin Sourdough Pretzels 50 Ounce TUB

What makes this “Specials” Pretzels so special? The answer is in the snacking. Just eat one. Experience that sourdough flavor with a cracker-like bite and you’ll fall in pretzel love. No wonder they’re one of the most popular snack choices!


Bounin San Francisco Sourdough Pretzels is the original San Francisco Sourdough. It has no saturated fat and contains 1g total fat per serving.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, salt, vegetable oil( corn oil, sunflower oil, canola oil and/or palm oil). Yest , baking soda.

Nutrition facts: Per serving size (1 oz about 28g) contains 110 calories, 10 from fat. . For each serving, you get 1g total fat, 3g of protein, 1g of fiber and less than 1g sugars.

Costco Bounin Sourdough Pretzels 50 Ounce TUB Price: $7.99

Costco item# 1078995

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  1. How do I purchase these Boudin Sourdough Pretzels 50oz.?? I see them on Costco Chaser, but there is no place to order!

    • Please check with your local Costco warehouse for availability.

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