AcuTouch 6.0 Massage Chair vs HT-Bali

Costco Item #719019 Price: $3499.99

AcuTouch 6.0 Massage Chair is quite similar to HT-Bali, aka. AcuTouch 8.0. With a compact design and slightly less functions, it targets small or medium sized people. Although the option of extended footrest is available, we would recommend you to consider the HT-Bali if you’re taller than 5’10”.

AcuTouch 6.0HT-Bali / AcuTouch 8.0
Techniques12 targeted21 targeted
Footrest ExtendableOptionalDefault
Dimension70″ L x 29″ W x 32″ H74.8″ L x 27.75″ W x 32.28″ H

AcuTouch 6.0 sells $3,499.99 at Costco special event, $500 less than HT-Bali.