Turkish Finest Bath Towel Assorted Colors

Updated on 8/15/2017. Costco has Turkish Finest Bath Towel Assorted Colors with a Costco item# 1122801. The price is the same as before.

Costco-1122801-Turkish-Finest-Bath-Towel-tag Costco-1122801-Turkish-Finest-Bath-Towel-all

Made of the finest luxury and purist Turkish cotton, this Turkish Finest Bath Towel is very thick and super soft. It has extra absorbent that dries you quicker.


Crafted by skilled artisan, this bath towel has the following features:

  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Dimensions: 30 in x 58 in
  • Made in Turkey

Costco Turkish Finest Bath Towel Assorted Colors Price: $8.99

Costco item# 1058174

Inventory and pricing may vary at your warehouse location and are subject to change.






  1. Save your money, they are not the same as before. Look at the pictures (If you can zoom in on them), the ones months ago in tan boxes state “finest luxury turkish cotton” and the current one in the white boxes state “100% cotton”. Just because its made in Turkey doesn’t mean its Turkish cotton if they are afraid to state it on the box or on the towel’s label. It’s like the difference between “made in Switzerland” and “Swiss Made”, Swiss Made can be mostly be assembled in China but designed by the Swiss. Plus these latest towels are totally different design and thinner. More than likely another item now being made cheaply and expecting everyone to buy it because of the name.

    • It says right on the front tag “finest luxury turkish cotton”
      can you tell me where the previous label was made? was it not London luxury LLC?

    • I must add that the last time I was at my costco, there were two different kinds of the towel. The other one was 6.99 (while this one was 8.99). They had very similar labels, but the other one did not say “luxury” on the label.

  2. Is this item still available? If so, can I order it and how much? Local Costco is out.

    • Hi Roger, I just called our local Costco here on the Central Coast of CA. They have over 250 in the store right now. I’m not sure what colors they have available. I purchased a few during the summer and I’m delighted they still have some. It’s a great product for the price! This particular brand, ‘Turkish Finest’ is not available at Costco.com.

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