Del Destino Sliced Mangos in Juice 42 Ounce Jar

Updated on May 18, 2017:  Costco has Del Destino Organic Kent Mangos now with Costco item#1146460.The price is $5.99, which is $1 more than non-organic one.





Del Destino presents all natural Kent mangos, sun ripened and sliced, packed in their natural juice. Their deep yellow flesh holds a rich, sweet and aromatic flavor that of perfect for smoothies or fries them in your favorite baking recipes. Enjoy as a refreshing and healthy snack, or add to a fruit parfait or pie. Costco has this 42 Ounce jar selling at $4.99.


Product of PERU, Del Destino Sliced Mangos in Juice is all natural, gluten free and rich in Vitamin C.

Nutrition facts:

Per serving size 2 pieces (140g) contains 110 calories, 0 from fat. 20g sugar, 80% of daily value vitamin C.

Costco Del Destino Sliced mangos in Juice 42 Ounce Jar Price:  $4.99

Costco item#: 992830

Inventory and pricing may vary at your warehouse location and are subject to change.


  1. What is up with the smell?

  2. They’re back at sequim washington…organic only …7.99


  4. Keep your eyes open and your car keys in hand…..two(2) stores in so. Cal had them about 3 weeks ago…..

    • They have them at Westlake Cosco….regarding lid….the trick I found is just to turn them upside down and slamm them a couple of times that seems to break the seal….

  5. These mangos are SO delicious. Please keep them in stock,Costco!

  6. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Get the DEl-DESTINO Mangos Back to COSTCO & Keep in stock year round!!!!!!! Everyone LOVES them!!! They sell out the day they come in. We dont buy them anywhere else because there WAY to expensive. At 4.99$ I can get 10 at a time. One jar lasts me 2 days! My boys & I are totally addicted to them……..PLEASE!!!

  7. We like the product but is too hard to get the lid off. It is on too tight. Would
    be nice if it was just a light bit not so tight!

  8. Had these in Sequim, Washington came home and checked…not available….I’m close to driving back to washington for them….nah, found at SF Costco

  9. Bought my boys 3 jars @ the Tukwila, Wa Costco last month & by the time I get to them, they’ve already been devoured lol! There weren’t any when I went back so I seen 1 jar when I went for a water run @ the Federal Way, Wa Costco a few weeks ago & hid them from my boys lol just opened them, & OH Myy goooodness they are flavorably delicious and will be making a call out tomorrow to put in an order !! Great pick Costco! I have yet to try something I don’t like from you guys! Thank you!

  10. These taste more like mushy peaches than mangoes. Dissapointed!

    • *Disappointed

  11. I found them in Gardnerville Nevada and bought 2 jars. They are wonderful. None of the Costcos in my area carry them and Nevada is too far to drive for them (well, not if i could guarantee I could buy some). If I knew I could get them, I would drive back and buy them all…

    • They have them right now on a regular basis in Westlake Village…bought more and stocked up….They are great and good for you too…:-)

  12. Good product but lid is on too tight. My wife can not get it off. Please make it just a little bit less tight.

    • Here’s a trick! Use a spoon to loosen the lid by placing spoon between lid and glass & trying to pry open the lid to let air in to break the vacuum seal. Once you hear the “pop” sound from the lid. You can easily twist the cap with your hands.

      • Wow, the spoon trick worked so easily! We were having a really hard time getting the top off to open the jar, thank you!!

        • 😉 Welcome!

          • They are back at Westlake Village….in Organic form…..

  13. how the hell do you open the jar ? did you put gorilla glue on the lid to seal it shut for ever ? I am unable to open the jar with a jar opener just impossible. what the hell !

  14. Really? i absolutely love this product. first saw it in Kirkland, WA in April. I use it is fruit salads, dessert toppings and make a great sauce using the syrup and fresh ginger and coconut. If more people knew how good it tastes i am sure it would be flying off the shelves. I am going to try to find more and buy as much as i can to stock up for later.

  15. How do you open the jar?

    • Turn jar upside down and bank on the counter, gently. Right the jar and you should be able to turn the top.

      • My daughter found that wearing a pair of rubber surfaced garden gloves gives her all the grip she needs….I’ve found also that rapping the top on the counter makes a difference

  16. are they back on the shelves in the stores or only order on instacart

    • Was back in westlake store last week

  17. Update….was able to get 5 jars by ordering through Costco’s delivery service Insacart which was amazing total order that I placed got here in less than two hours….

  18. Bought them at Costco too …they were great …and of course they were sold out…will make a request for them on too…on Amazon now for $25.00…..should have bought the whole palet…:-)

  19. Bought them in Vancouver, WA Costco and they are wonderful. Went back for more and of course sold out and discontinued☹️. Requested they bring them back ( clearly a seller- they sold out) keeping our fingers crossed!

  20. I love these mangos! They are great sliced up with a splash of juice in chutneys. Or eating them right out of the jar. Please bring them back. If I had known they were going to be dropped from your inventory I would have bought a case. It looks like others feel the same.

  21. These mangoes are delicious but opening the jar the first time can be a challenge.

  22. Bring them back! We loved them. If its Costco that is the problem,, please find a store to stock them. Trader Joes maybe?

  23. /what a taste treat! Should have bought a case full. Next trip to Costco I couldn’t find them. Are you kidding! One of the best jarred fruit I’ve had.

  24. Please bring them back loved them delicious!!! Alhambra warehouse does not carry any more hope they will bring them back soon

  25. Please bring them back loved them delicious!!!

  26. Do they still have these Mangos in the Tukwils, Washington Costco?? I love them and want to buy more.

  27. I bought these in Venice Fl and want to buy them in your stores in MN. Will you be stocking them again as I saw a comment page someone bought them in the Maplewood store?

    In advance, thank you for your reply.

    Donna Resler

  28. please bring back the del destion sliced them.

  29. Mangoes are excellent with delicious flavor but Costco doesn’t have them anymore. PLEASE PUT THEM BACK ON YOUR SHELVES-COSTCI!!

  30. I glad I bought 5 more jars after I tasted the first one. Yonkers Costco is sold out. Please bring them back!

  31. please get them back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Amen!!! Still haven’t seen the back.

  32. Superb product. Never was so happy on a visit to Costco. Please, Costco, don’t let them go away!

  33. I bought one jar to try it out, WoW! I went back to Costco an bought 6 more just in case the don’t restock. I love mango’s and these are delicious and I don’t have the mess of peeling them!

  34. Bought and loved. Went for more- alas! Please bring this product back! Location: Maplewood, MN

  35. Please bring them back by the holidays!!!!

  36. These mangoes are so good. Please bring them back, Costco!

  37. Got it from Bolingbrook ,IL. Coming from a country that produces the bet Mangoes (Philippines), I find it comparable, However the branch does not sell it anymore. I hope they would reintroduce them again as I plan to buy a lot of it and have my Filipino friend try it.

  38. Great for smoothies. Just love these. Went back for more and they didn’t have them. Can I buy them online somewhere??

  39. I got the sliced mangos on a whim. I wish I had purchased 2 more jars! Excellent in smoothies & mango crisp!! Costco……PLEASE keep these in stock!!

  40. I bought these today at our Costco in Omaha, NE, they are very, very good! 🙂

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