Wavestorm 9’6” Wavestorm Paddle Board

Updated on 5/16/2017. Wavestorm 9’6” Wavestorm Paddle Board is back to store with Costco item# 1101644. The price is $299.99, which is $50 less than last year.


You can’t beat the $349.99 price tag for the quality of paddle board. Wavestorm is the most recognized soft surfboard and stand up paddle board brand in the United States. This Wavestorm 9’6″. Stand up Paddle board is a high density foam board, It’s a great board for beginners and those on a budget.


Designed for paddling on flat-water, this soft foam construction stand Up paddle board has the following features:

  • Strong EPS core with 3 stringer system
  • Pre-installed leash plug with removable ankle leash, adjustable and removable flat-water fin
  • Internal compression-foam deck pad, accessory storage strap, adjustable paddle, soft cloth board sock cover.

Costco Wavestorm 9’6” Wavestorm Paddle Board Price: $349.99

Costco item#: 1007467

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