Vizio M75-C1 vs. Samsung UN75JU641D


Vizio M75-C1 and Samsung UN75JU641D are two great New Year offers from Costco. If you’re still not sure which one to choose, we hope this side-by-side comparison would help you out, as the Vizio deals is ending soon.

Vizio M75-C1Samsung UN75JU641D
Refresh Rate240Hz 120Hz
CPU 1xDual-Core + 1xQuad-Core Quad-Core
Contrast Ratio 4233:1 3707:1
Backlight Full-Array Edgelit
Local Dimming 384 zones8 zones
Response Time 15.1 ms 12.8 ms
Power Consumption 113 W 66 W
Costco Price$2699.99$2899.99

You might often read the buzz term Local Dimming. It becomes one of the major technology most brands are competing in the LED LCD industry.

Edge-lighting is one of the most popular solution as LED LCD industry advanced since fewer LEDs means less cost and better energy efficiency. But on the other side, the edge-lit LED LCDs produce poor uniformity. It’s especially noticable on dark scenes. With local dimming technology, the zones behind the dark area will be dimmed to improve the contrast ratio. While different manufactures implement different solutions on the local dimming, the results on the contrast ratio could vary quite a lot. The number of the LEDs also limits the number of dim zones. That’s why edgelit LEDs could only have 8 dim zones. Sometimes it’s also referred as sudo local dimming.

Another solution for the local dimming is to use full array LEDs instead of only put the LEDs on the edges. With increased number of LEDs, the screen could be split into more granular zones. The following video illustrates the difference of these technologies.

From the above comparison, Vizio M75-C1 only falls short in response time and energy efficiency. Overall, they’re both great TVs for most occasions. If you’re like me, not a picture purist, why bother to spend extra money.