Velch’s White Grape Juice 2/96 Ounce

Velch’s 100% White Grape Juice is a blend of Niagara grapes and other grape juices from concentrate with added ingredients. It is made with Welch’s own North American grown Niagara grapes from its family-farmer owners. Compared to Kirkland Signature Newman’s Grape Juice 2/96 Bottles which is purple grape juice, this white grape juice is a newer product, made from a green-skinned variety of grapes. Both white and purple grape juice are an excellent source of vitamin C while white grape juice is usually a bit cheaper, it lacks the array of phytochemicals found in purple grapes but it’s easier to digest especially for infants and was the best choice as a baby’s first fruit juice.

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Velch’s White Grape Juice has a refreshing, crisp flavor that comes from Niagara grapes. No added sugar, color or flavor. It’s 100% juice! High in antioxidant vitamin C.

Nutrition Facts:

For each servicing size (8 oz, 240mL), it contains 35 Calories, 0 Calories from fat, 36g sugar and 1g protein, 100% Vitamin C.

Costco Velch’s White Grape Juice 2/96 Ounce Price: $4.99

Costco item#: 1052562

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